[ardour-users] JACKD problem on Debian KDE system

WoWeePratt woweepratt at comcast.net
Thu Sep 1 07:55:30 PDT 2005

I have tried for several days to understand and fix a problem with JACKD and 
Ardour and am asking for some help and guidance.

The first problem is that when I try installing Ardour using Synaptic the 
installation fails because of a JACD dependancy. yet, JACKD is installed on 
my system, it's just an old version.

Second problem is updating JACKD. I go to update JACKD and it wants to rip 
out KDE in the process.

Thrid problem, JACKD updates and installs, takes out KDE, and I login in at 
the prompt. I run apt-get install kde and basically it says no problem, will 
do, but it wants to REMOVE JACKD!

What gives? 

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