[ardour-users] noise problem with Ardour 0.99 and TAP reverb

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 07:17:03 PST 2005

On 10/31/05, Oleg Ivanenko <oai-ash at yandex.ru> wrote:
> >Greetings:
> >
> >  While working on a session for a student I discovered a nasty problem:
> >I have the TAP reverb in the master output strip, and I get a horrible
> >noise after I move a track or relocate the playback cursor.
> Hi, all!
> I have another(?) problem with same ingredients (ardour-0.99, jack-audio-connection-kit-0.100, tap-plugins-0.7.0).
> TAP Reverberator (thank you Tom for it!) is used in Ardour. Created automation curve of Decay parameter of this plugin. Every node of this curve produce noticeable ugly echoed click. What I should do with it??? Any recipes?
> My sweet recorder track was broken... :'(

Just a guess on my part but it sound like 'zipper' noise?

This is typical of parameters that aren't supposed to be changed in
real time. I might have guessed that decay time would be one of these.
Many of the Waves reverb parameters cannot be changed in real time and
either cause zipper noise or result in no output for a couple of

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