[ardour-users] OS X Hardware support for Ardour

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Sat Oct 29 04:29:41 PDT 2005

G'day Mark,

as far as midi I/O is concerned my M-Audio 2x4 has Mac drivers. So if you can 
use natively installed Mac HW then that should give you a stable pathway for 
you MTC.

Glad to hear your Mac is coming up to speed. My daughters iPod has died now 
too, so a replacement is on the way. You'd better hope that crappy device 
doesn't send them to the wall ! We bought 2 this year, and had 4 for free so 
far ! 

BTW, the laptop is great !. I'm just using the standard gentoo 2.6.13.rc4 
kernel and getting perfectly good funtionality with the built-in Intel 
soundcard (128/2) no x-runs ! running as root tho. :-0

I had a bit of trouble with the user accounts... looking into that today.

I also just set up a gigabit lan in the studio...... how does 40-48 MBS 
sound ! Bloody fast.

till later,


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