[ardour-users] Running Ardour on OSX.4

Stephen Falk sdfalk at telus.net
Fri Oct 28 11:16:07 PDT 2005

So here's a little update:

I downloaded and installed the plugins so graciously posted here.
I'm actually able to get them to launch.
So far so good
I'm still unable to get Ardour to work with any of my external hardware;
(Motu 2408mk3 or M-Box)
When Ardour does work it's actually running very smoothly on my single
G5 1.8.
The other problem is when I create a track, (mono, stereo, aux whatever)
the entire timeline is black.
I'm unable to see anything.
Whenever I import an audio file (in the rare instance it works) I  
can't see the waveform.
When I play it back, I can hear it but that's it.
To the person who was unconcerned about the Native OSX windowing system
vs X11, let me be clear, if Ardour ran smoothly on X11 without any  
problems, I wouldn't
care if the windowing system where a ham sandwich.
The fact is (on my system) it doesn't.
Being used to OSX and all it's peculiarities, I'd (personally) feel  
more comfortable
troubleshooting under that windowing system.
I realize that would take a lot of work and do not expect miracles.
It's so tantalizingly close to working on my system, it's driving me  
I've posted my little crash logs before so if there's anything else I  
possibly do (keeping in mind I'm no programmer) I'd be glad to do it.
When I pay down my credit card a bit more I'm definitely going to
start donating some cash.

Stephen Falk

To recap:
G5 single 1.8ghz
1.5gb of ram
Motu 2408mk3
Other external hardware
most recent disc image of Ardour
for OSX and Jack

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