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As a protools and ardour user, I think that the way ardour is setup is very similar to protools, and for it's primary purpose as a DAW it does an excellent job.  It's not always the best thing to have a program that can do everything, I know many mastering engineers would not use protools to master as it isn't the best tool for the job.  Adding more and more options to make ardour a super duper DAW and sample editor and mastering suite and loop generator and sequencer and composer and whatever else people might want is not the aim of it.  That said protools gets around the very problem you are facing with what Paul has already mentioned...the audio suite/and or plugin automation.  The first is destructive however, and if you make a mistake, it really sux.  Adding some automation to bypass the plugin up until the particular point you want it to kick in is the way it has always been done, alternatively if you want to use the same settings and plugin for other tracks, create an auxilary track and automate the sends to that track to turn on at the particular moment and turn off again.  It seems there may also be a feature coming where you can bounce a particular region, or range to another track with plugins applied...that would save cpu overhead and also keep your original region in case you decided to make changes.
All that really to say, that it isn't a workaround, it's just the way it is.  Once you figure out the way that suits you best you can achieve results very quickly and efficiently.  Protools is the industry standard for a reason...it does it's job very well, and IMHO ardour does it's job just as well if not better!

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