[ardour-users] noise problem with Ardour 0.99 and TAP reverb

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Thu Oct 27 06:41:48 PDT 2005


  While working on a session for a student I discovered a nasty problem: 
I have the TAP reverb in the master output strip, and I get a horrible 
noise after I move a track or relocate the playback cursor. I seem to 
recall that this problem has been discussed here, but unfortunately I 
only receive the digest and can't easily search my own archives for that 
topic. Am I deluding myself ? (Always the question... )

  Anyway, I have no problems actually using the plugin, it sounds great 
when applied, but that extraneous noise is really awful and irritating, 
especially through headphones (ouch). Suggestions ? Advice ? Good jokes ?

  Ardour 0.99, Planet CCRMA RH9, JACK 0.99. The TAP plugins are from 
Planet C's repository.



Btw: My students are very impressed with Ardour. I'm arranging and 
recording tracks for them, eventually I'll knock together a compilation 
CD for fun. At that point I'll be poring over the JAMin material from 
Ron and Jan, for which I am most grateful. As anyone who's heard my 
recordings can tell, I know nothing about that mysterious process known 
as mastering, and I greatly appreciate the JAMin tutorials, I know 
they'll come in handy. Cool++

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