[ardour-users] crossfades disappearing

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Wed Oct 26 14:49:00 PDT 2005

Peter Lutek wrote:

>ardour v0.99 on a planet ccrma fc3 laptop:
>sometimes, in a session with many overlapped and crossfaded regions, 
>many of the crossfades disappear, and then when i right-click on a 
>previous crossfade area there is no crossfade option in the popup 
>window, so i cannot recover the crossfade with the usual "unmute" and 
>"full" options. the crossfades were created originally automatically by 
>setting the "automatically create crossfades", "new full-overlap 
>crossfades are unmuted", and "span entire region overlap" options in the 
>option editor. while assembling the edit there was no problem with the 
>full crossfades appearing or re-sizing when regions were moved, trimmed, 
>or extended. in SOME of the disappeared crossfades, an extra copy of one 
>of the regions has appeared, right on top of the original, but this is 
>not always the case.
>has anyone seen this? it's very disturbing for me.... i'm in the middle 
>of a large, commercial project, and have just lost almost all my 
>crossfades. it wouldn't be so bad if i could go in and do unmute and set 
>to full for each crossfade. unfortunately, the only way i seem to be 
>able to recover the crossfades is to shift the affected regions out of 
>place and then back into place, which makes the fades automatically 
>re-create themselves.
>then, i'm left wondering when they might disappear again.... and i feel 
>like i have to check every crossfade before exporting, in case any have 
>newly disappeared.
update: just discovered that if i just select ALL regions and shift them 
a bit, the crossfades re-appear, so it's not too hard to recover from. 
still wierd, though.

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