[ardour-users] crossfades disappearing

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Wed Oct 26 14:33:08 PDT 2005

ardour v0.99 on a planet ccrma fc3 laptop:

sometimes, in a session with many overlapped and crossfaded regions, 
many of the crossfades disappear, and then when i right-click on a 
previous crossfade area there is no crossfade option in the popup 
window, so i cannot recover the crossfade with the usual "unmute" and 
"full" options. the crossfades were created originally automatically by 
setting the "automatically create crossfades", "new full-overlap 
crossfades are unmuted", and "span entire region overlap" options in the 
option editor. while assembling the edit there was no problem with the 
full crossfades appearing or re-sizing when regions were moved, trimmed, 
or extended. in SOME of the disappeared crossfades, an extra copy of one 
of the regions has appeared, right on top of the original, but this is 
not always the case.

has anyone seen this? it's very disturbing for me.... i'm in the middle 
of a large, commercial project, and have just lost almost all my 
crossfades. it wouldn't be so bad if i could go in and do unmute and set 
to full for each crossfade. unfortunately, the only way i seem to be 
able to recover the crossfades is to shift the affected regions out of 
place and then back into place, which makes the fades automatically 
re-create themselves.

then, i'm left wondering when they might disappear again.... and i feel 
like i have to check every crossfade before exporting, in case any have 
newly disappeared.




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