[ardour-users] Questions

Paul Symons ardour at affronted.org
Wed Oct 26 10:41:46 PDT 2005

> I'm not talking about desructive editing. I'm talking
> about applying plugins to selections in the same way
> you apply them to whole tracks. They are not
> destructive when you apply them to whole tracks, why
> should they be if you apply them to selections?

It depends on what you mean. it sounds as you are suggesting that each
region could potentially have a number of plugins associated with it; on
playback, each region would first be processed by the plugins associated
with just that region.

to me, that raises a couple of questionable issues:

1. a track can have a huge (unbounded?) number of regions - allowing any
region to have a plugin path would mean that a region changes from an item
of discrete audio data, to an audio pathway - a stream of audio processing
that must be computed, and while to a certain extent this is probably the
case because of region gain curves, crossfades, etc., adding a plugin
chain process would complicate things massively i reckon, and introduce
some CPU overhead.

2. what happens when you copy/cut/paste/split a region? do new derivative
regions inherit the plugin chain from the last region?

i have found that in the 18 months i've been using ardour regularly, i've
had to rethink the way i do things (my last audio mixing program was Sonic
Foundry ACID). but in learning the way ardour/professional DAWs work,
especially with respect to sends, inserts, automation, etc., i much prefer
it now; the possibilities seem a lot greater than they did before.

p.s. (to list)

is send automation still on the cards at some point?

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