[ardour-users] bugs / feature requests

Esben Stien b0ef at esben-stien.name
Wed Oct 26 11:46:47 PDT 2005

moron <moron at industrial.org> writes:

> I have one bug [..] and a general feature request.

Then it really should be two separate mails with proper heading;).

> the file browser ..

There is no use in talking about the existing GUI as this is being
deprecated and no longer worked on. The GUI is now moving to GTK+-2
and the behavior you describe is a GTK problem that is gone is the
newer GTK version.

> the best lapsda EQ and dynamics plugins should be setup with custom
> control widgets and assigned to each channel strip automatically

Sorry, but that is a horrible idea;). There will be a scripting
interface, as I understand it, that would allow you to do this.

> Am I correct that there is no built in EQ or dynamics options for
> the channel strip with Ardour?

Yes, this is something that will never happen, either, as far as I can
see;). Processing audio is a plugin thing. 

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