[ardour-users] i cant get this to work !

shawn shaknitz shawnshaknitz at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 25 23:03:44 PDT 2005

Can someone please help? Like other reviews i read it seems that a few ppl 
are having trouble getting this application to run, and myself being one of 
them. My problem is that when i run Ardour it seem to just crash and what im 
left with is just X11 being displayind in the finder with the terminal 
window activated. Is this where i need to be and i just have no idea what to 
do next or is it just not going to run on my computer (G4 powerbook). Please 
help cuz i would love to make a donation to this guy if i could get it to 
One more thing.  Why does the beta .dmg run but the 0.99.dmg will not?

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