[ardour-users] bugs / feature requests

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Oct 26 09:27:16 PDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-10-26 at 09:10 -0700, moron wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 October 2005 07:53, Harold wrote:
> > >>> create your own template for this. its very easy, and you can reuse it
> > >>> whenever you like. you can also pick the EQ you want
> I've saved a "template" a few times now.  There is no "load template" function 
> though (or I missed it) and a new session starts blank as before.  How does 
> the template function work exactly?

when you create a new template, there is a 2nd tab in the dialog for
"configuration". that will list all available templates, and you pick
one. all config info then comes from the template, and you just click
"create". there are some issues for our non-english speaking users here
that we have to solve in a later version, but if you use english, it
should work fine.

> > > you can't do that. ardour is never going to expose an EQ's controls
> > > directly in the mixer window. this idea that fiddling with EQ is central
> > > to every aspect of using a DAW is incorrect. we could look for ways to
> > > make it easy to get access to the GUI for a given EQ plugin for a given
> > > track.
> Why the resistance to allowing customization of the mixing window?  Is it a 
> technical issue or ideological one?  As it stands, having to pop up a window 
> for every EQ leads to the same problem you get with an app like Gimp - 
> clutter and windows lost behind windows.

because what you want is *freakin* hard :)

if we built in a standard EQ, it would be easy, but there has been ample
explanation of why we don't do that already. putting in some way to
control an arbitrary EQ plugin from within each mixer strip is a very
very difficult technical and GUI problem.

> "this idea that fiddling with EQ is central to every aspect of using a DAW is 
> incorrect"
> Fiddling with EQ (and dynamics) sounds like a summary of every single engineer 
> interview I have *ever* read in Sound On Sound (for example), every personal 
> recording session I have taken part in (five paid for commercial recordings 
> plus countless home recording sessions) and definitely every live event I 
> have played / been at (of which there have been a lot).   
> What exactly are you recording that you never need EQ at mixdown?  

i didn't say "never". i said that its not "central to every aspect of
using a DAW". yes, EQ is pretty important, but fiddling with while
mixing is less important than gain control, for example. if you step
into a studio that can afford lots of outboard EQ, you will find that
many of them choose to use said outboards for handling EQ of the most
significant material. this corresponds to what ardour is doing. i know
that they can *also* turn the hi/low/mid pots on the strip, but until
someone comes up with a way to do that that meets my objections and is
actually technically feasible, ardour can't offer that option.


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