[ardour-users] Which filesystem to use?

7lb9oz Productions viipoundproductions at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 26 08:11:45 PDT 2005

Hello all, I have a question regarding filesystem
types.  Currently my / partition is formatted ext3 and
my audio partition (mounted in /media/audio) is
reiserfs.  First question is what is the preffered
fstype to record to?  Second question, is /media/audio
a good spot to mount the audio drive?  Does it matter?
 I read somewhere that /media is treated differently
than /mnt, but it didnt say how differently or why. 
Any opinions?

I have just replaced my Windows/Cubase rig with this
Demudi/Ardour rig, and I can say that Ardour (for me)
outperforms Cubase by far.  I am still having a hard
time finding the info about what is the 'preffered'
settup in terms of filesystem types, services to
disable, (if any), and all of the "How to" kind of
guides, but even in spite of that, the system as it is
still blows Windows away...I am very

The only other question I have for now is about the
soundcard.  I am planning on buying an M-Audio Delta
1010, (my old card is not supported by alsa), can
anyone offer any advice about this or any other card
that may be better?  Will the Delta 1010 work well
with Linux/Ardour?

Thanks in advance

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