[ardour-users] bugs / feature requests

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Wed Oct 26 06:13:19 PDT 2005

Paul Symons wrote:

>A nice wishlist feature could be the ability to mark plugins as
>"favourites". of the hundreds of LADSPA plugins i have, i typically use
>about 5-10 of them on a regular basis, e.g. my favourite compressor, eq,
>reverb, delay, lo-fi, etc.
>It would be great to mark these plugins as "favourites" and then be able
>to add them straight to the pre or post mixer strips from some sort of
>"favourites" context menu, saving the requirement to open the plugin
i'm not sure that a "favourites" context menu would be all that much 
more efficient than just going to the plugin manager. as paul davis 
suggested earlier in this thread, why not just set up a template 
session, with your favourite plugins already patched. have them all 
bypassed in the template, then you can just enable them with a single 
click as needed.


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