[ardour-users] Any comments on Ardour under OS-X?

Thomas Vecchione seablade at softhome.net
Tue Oct 25 09:37:56 PDT 2005

I have been able to use Ardour fine on my Powerbook since I installed 
it, both using Jack with the internal audio and with my M-Audio Firewire 
410.  I DO strongly suggest using an external mouse with more than 1 
button though to be honest.  I havent done the extent of work I have on 
my linux box on my powerbook, as I dont think the internal HD could have 
a prayer of keeping up with it, so when I do some semi-serious projects 
Ill let oyu know, but thus far(I believe I am on beta30 currently) I 
havent noticed any problems.  I havent tried running VST plugs in it yet 
though, or other LADSPA other than what came with it, as I said pretty 
light stuff thus far.

I have been able to record 3 hours worth of audio, 7 tracks of 16/44.1 
out of Live and into Ardour, repeatedly without problems, if that counts 
for anything;)


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