[ardour-users] Any comments on Ardour under OS-X?

Stephen Falk sdfalk at telus.net
Mon Oct 24 22:04:26 PDT 2005

> It's not working for me at all yet.
Not much to comment on unfortunately.
It will open with only internal audio active in Jack
but crashes as soon as I try to import a file.
The one time it didn't crash, the waveform didn't
even display properly.
I spent the better part of 2 days straight trying to work through
problems, but with no luck.
in all fairness some people have had great success
with Ardour under OSX.
I'm just not one of them.
I'm also hoping that it's ported over completely to
the OSX windowing system and dumps X11.
Well one can hope.

Stephen Falk

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> Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 19:46:15 -0400
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> Subject: [ardour-users] Any comments on Ardour under OS-X?
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> I posted a message similar to this earlier, but have seen no  
> replies yet.
> I'm just curious about anyone's experiences running Ardour on a Mac,
> and how it compares to running it under Linux on machines with similar
> capabilities and resources. Can Mac/OS-X be considered a reasonable
> platform for Ardour?
> I know it's supposed to work, but how well? And are there any issues
> specific to the Mac one should be aware of?
> Thanks for any comments, comparisons, or observations!
> Richard
> (I don't have a Mac or I'd try it myself...)

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