[ardour-users] Laptops + 64bit issues

Arnold Krille arnold.krille at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 01:18:55 PDT 2005

On 10/22/05, William Wolf <throughnothing at gmail.com> wrote:
> ReallY? What kind of USB audio interface do you have?  Most anything
> ive tried to use via usb has worked, in cluding the usb microphone
> with my webcam and other things.  Just curious what interface you
> have....

See my ranting mails on LAD... I got a Tascam us-122.

I got it (somewhat) working last tuesday but some problems remain. On
friday I tried to record with batteries only and jackd/the usb-usx2y
crashed every two minutes and on saturday I had a gig where it run
stable for 8 hours in the rehearsals but finally crashed during the
gig :-(

I think I will do some more testing the next days if my new girlfriend
gives me some spare-time :-)


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