[ardour-users] Spaces in Ardour filenames

Mike Jewell mj405 at oneupaudio.com
Fri Oct 21 07:21:35 PDT 2005

Yes, I know Paul suggested that those two changes are all that is needed
for the project to "load".  There is, actually, at least one other
change that should be made for correctness sake.  You should change the
name in the *.ardour files (about the second line where it
says:  ...name="projectname"...) so the name in the main Ardour window
title bar reflects the new name.  (This may also show up somewhere else
too since I haven't done an exhaustive search.)

And since snapshots are also just *.ardour files, this internal name
change ought to be made in them too.  But with the crazy "spacey" file
names they get by default, it's a lot more involved to write a script to
do that automatically, though it can be (and has been) done.  I
personally, always give them names like Snap01 (which I manually keep
track of by keeping a listing going in a term window) and I never do a
"save" after loading a snapshot but rather just write a new snapshot,
thus avoiding the "What's the latest snapshot?" problem.

I admit, the filenames in the "automation" directory don't seem to
matter as far as I can see but I wonder if they might in some
circumstance that I just haven't experienced or tested.

And, just from a general rigorous programming standpoint, I still
contend that one should not force or encourage spaces in filenames.

Anyway, after tweaking my  renaming script a bit more, I'll post it here
in case anyone else might find it useful.


On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 17:29 +0200, Wolfgang Woehl wrote:
> Mike Jewell <mj405 at oneupaudio.com>:
> > A recent short discussion on this list (subject: rename song)
> > prompted me to try to write a script to do this properly where you
> > change the project directory name, the names of any *.ardour* files
> > (including snapshots), the names IN the *.ardour* files (slightly
> > different requirement for snapshots), the names of the files in the
> > automation directory, etc.  This script would have been easy if it
> > weren't for the fact that Ardour likes to write a number of files
> > with spaces in the filenames.
> Mike, like Paul wrote in the mentioned thread: There is nothing more to 
> renaming a song than moving the dir and renaming the session file. What 
> I suggested is not necessary at all. Ardour's session dirs have loads 
> of files that you almost never want to touch directly so their 
> filenames don't matter really.
> Wolfgang
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