[ardour-users] Replacing Audio

Thomas Vecchione seablade at softhome.net
Tue Oct 18 09:37:52 PDT 2005

Oddball question here...

I have a peice of audio in a project that I just need to replace with 
another peice, really it is the same track of audio just a different rip 
off a CD as I found out that ITunes was distorting it on a rip to a .wav 
file, so a friend got me a better rip that wasnt distorted for that 
purpose, but I already have all the edits done and just want to start 
using the new file with the exact same edits as the old ones.  Any way 
to do this?  I took a look in the sound folder but the files there dont 
seem to be straight .wav files, are they raw instead or am I looking in 
the wrong place anyways?


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