[ardour-users] new user with a few questions

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Wed Oct 19 03:58:33 PDT 2005

AA <asokanon at yahoo.com>:
> studio is a Yamaha DSPFactory + 2x AX44.  I did not
> install the card because I didnt think it would work,
> but now I am forced to at least look and see if there
> are linux drivers for my dspf?  Has anyone gotten or
> seen a dspf working inside of linux, especially with
> ardour?

doesn't list the DSPFactory (aka DS2416). The ALSA list of supported 
soundcards is the result of ALSA developers and manufacturers being 
interested. So you could start to bug Yamaha and make them give a card 
and specs to ALSA devs but I wouldn't count on it.

> If the dspfactory wont work, can someone make a good
> suggestion for a replacement?  I dont really do any
> kind af virtual anything really, I just use my DAW to
> record and mix audio, so VSTi type stuff is not really
> important, in fact the only midi devices I have are
> control surfaces.

DS2416 + 2xAX44 gives you 10 channels physical in/out which calls for 
the m-audio delta 1010lt as a replacement. Lots of linux audio people 
have it. Oh by the way: VST(i) stuff is completely independant from 


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