[ardour-users] new user with a few questions

AA asokanon at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 19 00:50:42 PDT 2005

Hello all, I am a new user and I would like to ask a
few general questions.  First of all a little

I have been running a studio with cubase sx for many
years now, but the other day I had a little emergency
that put my studio box out of commission for a bit in
order to maintain the school box.  Throughout this
process of rebuilding, I got a new contract and
started trying to figure out how I would do it without
the studio computer, and I found ardour.  Ok, sorry
for the little story there, but it leads to my

I have an AMD 1GHz cpu (dont remember exactly which
one at the moment), and 1 GIG of pc2100 ram running
with 2 ATA100 7200 RPM HDs.  The VGA is an ATI Radeon
9200, and I currently only have the motherboards
onboard soundcard installed because the card for the
studio is a Yamaha DSPFactory + 2x AX44.  I did not
install the card because I didnt think it would work,
but now I am forced to at least look and see if there
are linux drivers for my dspf?  Has anyone gotten or
seen a dspf working inside of linux, especially with

This is certainly not a make or break issue for me as
I think I have convinced myself to just ditch windows
and sx altogether.  The price of a new sound card,
even an expensive one is still less than the price of
a whole new system.  

If the dspfactory wont work, can someone make a good
suggestion for a replacement?  I dont really do any
kind af virtual anything really, I just use my DAW to
record and mix audio, so VSTi type stuff is not really
important, in fact the only midi devices I have are
control surfaces.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to being done with

Asoka Anon     
7.9 Records

poeta est Agricolae

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