[ardour-users] problem with connection to midi controller

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Sun Oct 16 16:50:58 PDT 2005

Gene Goodreau wrote:
> Re: MIDI Trouble
> This is my first posting so if I am not following anything properly or in the best way please
> feel free to correct me so I can do it right. I am responding to a message below where I had
> similar problems with midi. Just to put in my 2 cents I am using both a USB soundcard and USB
> midi and I have to boot up my system (agnula) with the midi unplugged just until it is booted so
> that jack will work properly. I am guessing it is the order of the

Joe Hartley wrote:
> Ichthyostega <prg at ichthyostega.de> wrote:
>> I still have problems connecting a Behringer BCF2000 to ardour
>> Basically, if I just fire up ardour, I can't set up the necessary midi connections. qjackctl
>> doesen't establish the connecttion after I click on "connect".
> I often find that when I first start Ardour, then go into qjackctl's MIDI tab, the Behringer
> isn't listed until I do a power-cycle of the BCF.  Once I do that, I can see it and make the
> connections.

thank you for pointing out this workaround!
Indeed, if I power-on the BCF2000 /after/ launching Ardour, I can make the connections.

For me this looks like Ardour (or maybe jack?) tries to (re)establish some midi connections,
but without success and thus blocks the 1st input port on the BCF2000.

Whould this be a possible explanation? Any idea why such a thing might happen?

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