[ardour-users] is it possible to use DSSI for VST with ardour?

Allan Klinbail allan_k at dodo.com.au
Sun Oct 16 03:25:34 PDT 2005

oops sent from wrong address (see below for original question) 

But it looks like I still have to wait the VST wrapper isn't
compiling... Even still any tips of how and if DSSI can be used with
ardour are still appreciated.  

for anyone who's interested (although not really for this ML) 

I get after using  "./configure --with-wine-libraries=/usr/lib32"

checking for windef.h header... /usr/include/wine/windows
checking for libwine.so... /usr/lib32
checking for -lwine... configure: error: Could not link with the Wine
libraries (libwine.so)

If you have an idea .. please let me know. 



On Sun, 2005-10-16 at 20:12 +1000, Allan Klinbail wrote:
> Hi All
> I'm not expecting any miracles, but gentoo has released a testing
> version of DSSI-0.9 for amd64 architecture and it has compiled
> successfully. As I haven't been able to successfully compile any other
> library that supports VST, I'm wondering whether it works with ardour
> and if so how? (Or do I have to wait  till they release or try to
> compile DSSI-0.9.1)
> Any help is much appreciated, but I'm not expecting a miracle.    
Allan Klinbail <allan_k at dodo.com.au>

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