[ardour-users] Saving, Snapshots & Saved State

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at doink.com
Thu Oct 13 23:19:09 PDT 2005

I was playing around with beta30 tonight, and I noticed a few things 
that seem odd to me.

- "save" doesn't save, and the songname.ardour file doesn't update
  its timestamp.

- "snapshot" does snapshot, and the date-time-stamp.ardour file is
  created with the right timestamp.

I copied one of the snapshot files over the songname.ardour file and
loaded that session with ardour, getting what I expected.

When opening a recent snapshot some of the state of ardour isn't 
restored, specificly:

- A previously open locations window isn't opened when opening the session.

- A previously open mixer window isn't opened when opening the session.

  After manually opening the mixer window the metering selection 
  (input, pre, post) reverts to post when I had it set to input when
  I made the snapshot.  Likewise, the mixer window width isn't saved.

The song in question was initially created by something prior
to beta26, maybe beta25.  I've seen a few cases when upgrading
from one beta version to the next where I've had to remove my
~/.ardour/ardour.rc I think I need to try a completely new
song, one created by my current beta30 version, and see if I
get the same behavior.  Has anyone seen anything like what I'm



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