[ardour-users] jack_fst and gcc4

Hector Centeno-Garcia h.centeno at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 13 19:11:56 PDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-14-10 at 11:23 +1000, Shayne O'Connor wrote:
> hmmm ... a few things you might try to get it working:
> 1. delete the .dssi-vst folder and let them be scanned-in again.
> 2. if you've installed a different version of wine since installing 
> dssi-vst, then you could try recompiling it and see if that helps.
> 3. check that you don't have more than one installation of dssi or 
> dssi-vst (ie check both /usr and /usr/local).
> i think i remember getting the same error a while back ... you should 
> also make sure you're using the latest versions of dssi, dssi-vst, om etc.
> hope this helps
> shayne

mmmmm... no, still the same. I've been using the latest versions of


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