[ardour-users] Updates for OSX version?

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Thu Oct 13 10:11:01 PDT 2005

If you could, try downloading the latest 0.99 DMG from the ardour.org
download page, and try it out on your system.  If there are issues,
your working version should still work fine.


On 10/13/05, Julian Peterson <julianpeterson at mac.com> wrote:
> I'm running the latest download of Ardour on a Powerbook running OSX
> tiger and have had success running Ardour with both the built in
> hardware and a MOTU 828.  I've been able to record two channels of
> 48k audio for two hours without issue.  It's seemed stable enough
> that I plan on using it in a recording session of my saxophone
> quartet next month.
> Ardour 0.8beta30 built with ardour/gtk 0.603.2 libardour 0.900.4
> JackOSX: 0.100.1 and jack pilot 1.5.8
> Julian Peterson

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