[ardour-users] Re: Pre-Roll?

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Oct 6 19:36:29 PDT 2005

> What about loop recording and count down? I honestly haven't done any
> loop recording in Ardour but I presume there's no special features for
> when and how Ardour starts loop recordings? For instance I want to
> record from bar 16 to bar 24 but I need to hear bars 14 & 15 before I
> play at 16. Anyway to do that an not record from 14-16?

ardour does not currently support loop recording. you can do what you
described by setting the auto punch range to 16-24, but put the
transport head at, say, 12. then you get a 4 bar "pre-roll" before
ardour automatically punches in and out (assuming you arm the punch
in/out buttons too).


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