[ardour-users] Jack keeps on disconnecting me

Jared Kazimir jaredkazimir at optonline.net
Wed Oct 5 13:54:38 PDT 2005

How about your hard disk?  Is it IDE?  If so, is DMA turned on using 
hdparm?  What rpm speed?  Again, if it's IDE, it it sharing the cable 
with another hard disk or cdrom?  Also, what kind of mainboard are you 
working with?  Some are known to be a pain when it comes to low-latency 


Per Sigmond wrote:

>When loading a big session, I very often get the message "JACK has either been 
>shutdown or it disconnected ardour because ardour was not fast enough...". On 
>the console I get "zombified - calling shutdown handler". I normally run jack 
>with 512/2, which lets me play and record without too much trouble, but I 
>need to go all the way up to 4096/2 to reliably get rid of the disconnects. 
>My timeout setting in qjackctl is 10000 msec.
>I've done a lot of card-placement switching and pci latency setting with no 
>real luck.
>Ideas anyone? 
>jackd is 0.100.0, ardour is 0.99 cvs. I have dual P3 1.266 GHz machine and 
>Hammerfall HDSP PCI.

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