[ardour-users] Surround Sound Mixing and Panning

Thomas Vecchione seablade at softhome.net
Tue Oct 4 18:57:38 PDT 2005

On further inspection I think I am getting closer to writing this off as 
a rather annoying and possibly severe bug in multi-channel mixing...

It appears that the orange squares, no matter where you move them on the 
track, or the master do not actually update, or dont seem to be to me.  
However moving the puck around corresponds correctly to the original 
positions of the orange squares with regards to levels on the output(?) 
meters of that channel.

However second part of this is there is no difference with moving the 
puck around with regards to the levels of the meters on the master strip.

So if I could get confirmation that this is a bug and I am not doing 
something completly stupid I will be more than glad to submit it to 
mantis, I didnt see anything like this when I looked there earlier 
tonight, but it doesnt mean I didnt miss it, so feel free to tell me if 
it is already there;)


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