[ardour-users] peak identifier

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Tue Oct 4 17:04:43 PDT 2005

Mark Knecht wrote:
> Please don't limit this to peaks within a track. What's probably much more bothersome to me is
> peaks on a submix bus. I can't see much about them and I know nothing about how much overhead
> Ardour has. If a track comes out at 0db and I sum 5 of them does Ardour have enough headroom to
> allow that, etc.?
> - Mark
doesn't the floating point engine handle this? To my understanding, the
problem arises at the moment, when we are exporting to a fixed bit width.

But in spite of this, such a function could be of some use, because on
complicated mixes with many effects, it can be really difficult to "debug"
which part generates the "too much output"


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