[ardour-users] Re: ctrl-right-click in Ardour

Hermann Vosseler prg at ichthyostega.de
Mon Oct 3 18:08:52 PDT 2005

Joe Hartley wrote:
> Check out http://ardour.org/manual/using_a_bcf2000 - there's a step-by-step walkthrough of
> getting the BCF2000 happening with Ardour, and it's brilliant when it gets going!
It was the other way round: I came across that page and immediately went out
and bought me a BCF2000...

My problem is, ardour immediately after startup makes sort of a "half way"
connection to the port on which the BCF gets its parameter feedback. I can
see the connection with aconnect -i -l but not with qjackctl. Every further
connection is refuesd with "device temporarrily unavailable". The rest is
working now (i.e. I can control faders via bcf2000)

But, before I investigate this in more detail, I want to switch to the
newest ardour version, as Paul Davis pointed out.


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