[ardour-users] Soundfile Library - what's reasonable?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 12:34:08 PDT 2005

   Is anyone making use of the Soundfile Library in Ardour? How is the
database performance for you?

   I have a couple of CDs from the Drums on Demand guys. I notices as
I loaded these in the the ability to load got slower and slower as it
went along. By the time the second CD was near the end it was slow
enough that I wondered if it would take a third CD. I have maybe 4-5
CDs like this, and another 15 or so Acid Pro type loop CDs that would
be cool to add if Ardour isn't going to choke on 5000 or so files.

   Just curious what others are seeing.

   I will say that I was quite happy with the audition feature as well
as the fact that Ardour didn't automatically copy but linked the audio
when I dropped a few samples into a project. Very nice. My project is
smaller this way. I still have to check what happens when the disk
isn't online though.

   I wondered about the language about 'External' Regions list. Why
the word 'External'? I found that a bit concerning. That said, it
worked great so far.


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