[ardour-users] TOC file question

Peter Lutek plutek at infinity.net
Sun Nov 27 05:23:15 PST 2005

Dave Phillips wrote:

>Peter Lutek wrote:
>>just do this:
>>1. in your ardour session, t "snap to" to cd frames
>>2. drag out ranges in the "range markers" timeline, corresponding to 
>>track beginnings/endings -- make sure the first track starts at 0 and 
>>the last track marker, the end of audio and the end marker are all at 
>>the same place, and snapped to a cd frame.
>>3. open the locations window, and in the bottom half (the range 
>>markers portion), check the cd checkboxes for your song range markers, 
>>and fill in titles, performers, composers, isrc - note that the 
>>overall cd title is taken from the session name
>>4. export the session to a 16-bit wav, making sure the cd marker file 
>>type is set to "cue" in the export window.
>>5. do: cdrecord -cuefile=/path/filename.cue -dao  (where filename.cue 
>>is the cue file you wrote in the session export)
>Hi Peter:
>  Thank you very much for the step-by-step. One question more: Is your 
>example for a whole set of tracks, for only a single track, or good for 
>either ?


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