[ardour-users] [OT] JAMin guidance needed

Zachris Trolin zach-tro at dsv.su.se
Fri Nov 25 06:26:08 PST 2005

fre 2005-11-25 klockan 09:14 -0500 skrev Dave Phillips:
> Greetings:
>   I've been busy working on the tracks I wanted to balance for a CD 
> collection of some of my material. Thanks to the advice I received on 
> this list I'm happy to report that I "got the idea" about using JAMin 
> for my specific needs and I'm now very happy with the results. My needs 
> were quite simple (make all tracks equal in volume), and a few minutes 
> figuring out JAMin's controls were all that was needed to start 
> experimenting. Very cool, now I play my tracks one after the other with 
> no need to adjust the playback volume.
>   Btw, my 800 MHz CPU was not powerful enough to run both Ardour and 
> JAMin at the same time, so I simply saved my stereo mix from Ardour and 
> ran the WAV file through JAMin, recording into ecasound. Worked beautifully.

You could try the -i flag for Jamin, which will make it a little less
CPU intensive. 

Also you can run Jamin in freewheeling mode (without -i) when doing a
bounce, which might help... 

>   Once again, vast thanks and appreciation to the authors of all this 
> great software.
> Best,
> dp
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