[ardour-users] [OT] JAMin guidance needed

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Fri Nov 25 06:14:41 PST 2005


  I've been busy working on the tracks I wanted to balance for a CD 
collection of some of my material. Thanks to the advice I received on 
this list I'm happy to report that I "got the idea" about using JAMin 
for my specific needs and I'm now very happy with the results. My needs 
were quite simple (make all tracks equal in volume), and a few minutes 
figuring out JAMin's controls were all that was needed to start 
experimenting. Very cool, now I play my tracks one after the other with 
no need to adjust the playback volume.

  Btw, my 800 MHz CPU was not powerful enough to run both Ardour and 
JAMin at the same time, so I simply saved my stereo mix from Ardour and 
ran the WAV file through JAMin, recording into ecasound. Worked beautifully.

  Once again, vast thanks and appreciation to the authors of all this 
great software.



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