[ardour-users] vertical scaling of waveform display

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Tue Nov 22 07:53:58 PST 2005

prg at ichthyostega.de:
> Hello all,
> just another "howto"-question. I guess I am missing somthing very
> obvious, but I can't find any way to zoom into the track waveform
> vertically. I am aware that I can vary the total height of every
> track (even using the mouse wheel, many thanks for that!), but I need
> a method to enlarge the waveform display vertically. As I am doing a

Track height "Largest", that's max, no arbitrary vertical zooming. A 
nasty long-winded workaround comes to my mind though: You could setup a 
second track with a copy of the region (ctrl-button3 constrained 
copydrag). Mute the track, cut out loud parts and normalize the rest to 
have a visual guide through your pianissimo parts. Hm.


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