[ardour-users] Is 64 bit dual core supported and stable yet?

seablade at softhome.net seablade at softhome.net
Fri Nov 18 05:47:26 PST 2005

J.L. Blom writes: 

> On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 18:07 -0800, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
>> On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 23:39 -0800, Solv (sent by Nabble.com) wrote:
>> > Hi, I noticed people are using 64 bit with ardour, just wondering
>> > about a few things.  I am currently waiting with much excitement on a
>> > new system being built for me at this moment in time.  It is a an AMD
>> > 64 Dual Core 3800+ with Asus A8N Nforce motherboard.  I have at the
>> > moment on my old system being using fedora core 4 and a planetccrma
>> > install with ardour without a problem.  I have been told that fedora
>> > itself is a pain in the butt for 64 bit at the moment?  Is that true?, 
>> Probably not. But I have not tried it myself. 
> I have some experience (~2 months) with FC4 64-bit and in it is a stable
> distribution with a good performance. I've used the 32-bit version
> first(then the processor runs in emulation mode) and the difference with
> the 64-bit version is considerable.Especially X benefits of the 64-bit
> but also other programs (e.g. compiling). However, although many
> packages are already adapted for 64-bit, many more are not. Also many
> plugins for browsers don't work, e.g. Macromedia flash. If ardour isn't
> adapted for 64-bit, the possibility exists you cannot compile it as e.g.
> pointers, but also memory addressing etc. must be changed. I expect the
> compiler(s) to be fitted with switches for compilation for different
> architectures but I am not familiar wth it.

I believe what you are looking for may involve the multilib switch when 
compiling GCC.  Meaning you would have to go through and recompile GCC in 
most cases with Multilib to enable to ability to compile for different 
architectures.  Though I could be wrong and completly misunderstanding the 
use of Multilib. 

And ardour does run on 64 bit for the record, I am currently running it 
native 64 bit on a gentoo box. 


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