[ardour-users] embedded audiofiles get copied

Andre Raue dawng at raue.info
Tue Nov 15 11:55:21 PST 2005


I'm trying to embed some audiofiles into my project. In the pop-up menu 
it says they would be linked to the project. But they get copied into 
the project. Is this, what they are expected to do?

Here is, what I am doing:
1) Right-click into "regions/names"
2) Embed audio (link)
3) Select some audio files
4) Add to external region list
5) Add each region to exactly one track
6) Move the regions to their original position
7) Normalize regions
8) Save project

My WAV-files are positioned in subdirectories of /audio/wavs/fostex/. 
The ardour-projects are positioned in subdirectories of 
/audio/ardour_sessions/. After executing the above steps I find the 
audio-files in /audio/ardour_session/<session_name>/sounds/, too. I 
would have expected, that the files in /audio/wavs/fostex/ were used. 
What am I doing wrong?



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