[ardour-users] Delta 1010 question

Grant Wier ze at ze.yi.org
Fri Nov 11 13:38:28 PST 2005

i have to say i can't try it since i've only got one 1010lt, but...
as far as i can tell, it shouldn't be that hard:
1. follow the two cards as one instructions at
http://alsa.opensrc.org/TwoCardsAsOne which even has jack-specific
2. connect card 0's word-clock output to card 1's word-clock input,
and configure card 1's master clock to "word clock locked" via
i'm not sure about the "rate state" options, if "locked" or "reset"
should be checked or not for this case, or if it matters... (i would
guess "locked" should be set... the card's manual might mention something)
you may also need to set card 0 to the desired working rate and check
"locked" for it... i've no idea how alsa handles setting a client-requested
sample rate for a multi-card asoundrc device like this.
3. tell jack to use the ttable (i think) device that you setup in step 1
i'm not sure if you can specify 0 for the # of inputs and outputs and have
it still detect properly, or if you need to set them explicitly with this setup.

hopefully i covered all the potential sticking-points, and hopefully this
actually works as it seems like it should.
i'm looking forward to a message saying so and clarifying the unsure points!

jazzride wrote:
> Paul Winkler a écrit :
>>On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 12:09:01PM -0800, Kevin Cosgrove wrote:
>>>I've lurked here and on the Linux Audio Users lists, as well as
>>>searching the web and list archives.  The consensus of that is
>>>that no one has been able to demonstrate that it can be done.  I
>>>have only one 1010 (not LT), so I can't even try this.  A friend
>>>of mine has a 1010LT, and I might try sometime to get those
>>>cards to sync up.  Some people assert that because there are two
>>>crystals of different frequencies in two different sound-cards,
>>>that it's impossible to get the two cards to be synchronized.
>>Eh? AFAIK "people" only say that about cards which lack 
>>either word-clock or a spare S/PDIF I/O that you can (ab)use
>>for the purpose.
>>It *is* generally impossible to synchronize two cheap consumer-grade
>>soundcards because they usually lack those features.
>>>I'm still waiting to see a joy filled posting from anyone that
>>>managed to get this working.
>>I don't have two cards with word-clock, but I did once
>>(a long time ago) get my delta 66 in sync with my soundblabber,
>>by feeding the S/PDIF output of the latter into the S/PDIF input
>>of the former and selecting Hardware Settings -> Master Clock -> "S/PDIF in" 
>>in envy24control.  But then I never figured out how to properly 
>>set up asoundrc to treat the two cards as one card, and I haven't 
>>needed more than 4 channels lately, so I haven't tried again.
> Hi
> same pb for Win + Samplitude6: 1 Delta 1010 = perfect
> 2 Delta 1010 = problems of synchro. (cf. Magix pro support. Sam6 uses 
> WDM, not ASIO)
> Sync of 2 Delta 1010 is a real problem, not only under  Linux.
> I use this config: dual boot WIn2K (...)  Samplitude / Agnula Demudi 
> Ardour. :)
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