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Fri Nov 4 19:32:20 PST 2005

Hello all, I am posting this message now again to the CCRMA list and for the first time to the ardour list in the hopes that I can finally figure something out.  I have an ATI Radeon 9200 128mb AGP card and 2 MAG 17 inch CRT monitors which are identical hooked up to it.  I cannot for the life of e get a dual monitor settup working, I can only get two monitors which clone each other identically.  I want to have at least two independant monitors, but I would prefer to have one big desktop that I could stretch windows accross both monitors.  I am running Fedora Core 3 with planet CCRMA, and nothing works.  
I have tried every post that says anything about ATI or dual monitors that can be found by searching at http://forums.fedoraforum.org/, and none of them work.  I have tried the utility for setting the display up that is included with FCore3, and while it does rewrite the xorg.conf file to show the extra monitor, screen and device, it even updates the server configuration in a way that should work but still nothing.  
I have tried it all with the "radeon", "ati" and the "fglrx" drivers, and none of them work.  In demudi, all I had to do was add an option for xinerama, and then after a reboot, all was well.  In FCore 3, the best I can get is two clones of one monitor, or a crashed xserver, (and both with no reason as to why).  My logs simply say that it could not activate the second display, which is no surprise to me as I can see that it cant find it, but why?  
I really like FCOre3, aside from this issue.  I need to get the dual monitor thing working, and I really do not want to switch my OS again, as Fedora Core has the one advantage (for me at least), where the applications acctually work when I open them.  I really do want to use this OS, but the dual screen thing is starting to drive me nuts.  Does anyone have a dual monitor settup working, specifically with this card?  And if so...how?????
thanks to all

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