[ardour-users] XRuns and QJackctl...

seablade at softhome.net seablade at softhome.net
Thu Nov 3 22:02:20 PST 2005

Heh this is going to be a really stupid question... 

What exactly is the number in the parenthesis in the QJackctl Display box by 
the XRun count? 

I ask because recently for some odd reason I cant track down that number has 
started skyrocketing no matter how my jack server is set up from the moment 
I start it, though lower sample rates tend to cause it to progress slightly 
slower.  I dont believe this happened earlier, though unfortunatly it has 
been a while since I worked on audio projects on this PC. 

It doesnt appear to have an adverse effect on my audio, doesnt appear to be 
a lost buffer, cant really figure out exactly what it is or how to fix it 
and documentation seems to be sparse, and by sparce I mean non existant... 

Here is the error reported(I believe 1 for each time the number in question 
incremenets, however since it incremenets into the thousands in a matter of 
seconds I cant count that high;) 

delay of 719.000 usecs exceeds estimated spare time of 605.000; restart ... 

The numbers tend to range, in my default settings that allow me <3ms of 
latency at 96KHz the first number is usually in the range of 650, but again 
it ranges greatly and this could just have easily been from that as well. 

So answers?  Suggestions?  Big sticks to hit over my head? 


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