[ardour-users] TAP and CAPS plugin packages for OSX

Taybin Rutkin taybin at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 1 11:39:08 PST 2005

What you see sounds entirely correct.  You don't get a different tab for each package.


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On 10/31/05, Jesse Chappell <jesse at essej.net> wrote:
> Ardour OS X users, here are some more nice LADSPA plugin packages for
> you to try out.
> Report back with positive and negative results, and your OS X version please...
> http://ardour.org/releases/tap-plugins-0.7.pkg.zip
> http://ardour.org/releases/caps-plugins-0.2.3.pkg.zip
> Documentation for each is included in the zip files along with the
> installable package.
> Tom and Tim, I have some patches for you both... to be delivered soon.
> jlc

Hi Jesse,
   I've installed both packages. Frankly, right now I'm not eactly
sure what I should be seeing so please calibrate me.

1) The installation of both packages went fine. I had no problems in tis area.

2) In Ardour I get only a LADSPA tab when inserting a new plugin. I do
not see any new tabs. (I think I'm being hopeful here. I don't know
the current expected number of tabs. Should it only be LADSPA, or
should I see TAP and CAP?

3) In the LADSPA list I see a number of TAP plugins starting with TAP
Auto Panner and ending with TAP Vibrato.

4) I do not see anything marked 'CAP'. Probably these just have
individual names?

   I'm still struggling through major usability problems with OS X.
This is making it difficult for me to think I'm of much help right
now. Sorry.

   NOTE: I did manage to boot Gentoo yesterday on the Mini, and I've
also set up OS X on an external 1394 drive. My goal is to have a
single 1394 drive with:

1) OS X + Ardour
2) Gentoo + Ardour
3) Audio partition

I hope to then be able to move this drive from system to system and
test sessions under both x86 Linux and PPC linux, as well as OS X.

- Mark
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