[ardour-users] hide track but not automation?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Fri May 13 11:54:30 PDT 2005

> >
> > Yeah, that could help. I think the one I've always wanted, or thought
> > would be good, would be like Pro Tools with a speed key to cycle
> > through the automation tracks. Audio goes grey, automotion shows up on
> > top, but then up arrow/down arrow would cycle you through all the
> > automation possibilities that have been enabled for that track. I
> > think something like that would be fast and use the minimum amount of
> > screen area.
> >
> > As per your other question about finer control, I would think that if
> > I had the automation on top of the audio and the audio was larger that
> > I'd have more control. Again, that's driven by screen area. Working on
> > Ardour automation on a laptop screen is really hard for me due to
> > these screen area issues.
> see my response to myself in the finer automation control thread -- yes,
> height is the key.

Saw that immediately after I posted the previous email.

> i'm making ardour fly on a laptop too -- it's really getting to feel very
> workable. i'm using the ion3 window manager, which works primarily in a
> tiled workspace model. windows are easily switchable, resizable and can be
> toggled in and out of fullscreen, all with keyboard commands, so it's
> quick and easy to flip between ardour's different windows.

I didn't know about ion3. Checked out the web site very quickly. Looks
interesting but I'm not sure it's for me. I'll read more about it
later. (I seem to be depending on many things in Gnome's GUI these
days. Life is pretty simple. I ran fluxbox for a long time but got
tired of building all the menu entries. With Gnome I get tired of a
partitial menu system - some things in and some things not in. all of
these systems have trade-offs.

Thanks for the info!

- Mark

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