[ardour-users] Audigy to M-Audio

Luc Tanguay lucus at sympatico.ca
Thu May 12 19:34:39 PDT 2005

I have a similar setup (Duron 1GHz, RH9, ...) and recently bought a 
Delta-66.  But I kept my Audigy for MIDI stuff.  No MIDI on Delta-44 or -66.

With Delta-66 you can have better quality (96KHz) [if quality == 
sampling frequency].
Also, the mixer part of the card is a lot simpler with the Delta-66.

As for the latency, I use different settings to record and to mix (easy 
with qjackctl).  For recording (at 48KHz) I set frames/period to 256 so 
latency is 10.7ms.  But I sometimes have xruns.
For mixing I use frames/period = 1024 so latency is 42.7ms.

Also I don't use KDE, but iceWM (less memory footprint). In Ardour I 
don't show waveforms while recording and use a minimum number of plugins 
(usually 0 or 1 -- reverb for singers).

With this setup I can record 4 tracks at a time with not much problems.

Hope this help,

mArukqs a écrit :

>Hi all,
>My budget is quite limited, but I want to get a better performance and sound
>quality for my home studio.
>I found that M-Audio Delta 44 is quite good for my budget.
>Currently I am an owner of PC with:
>Pentium Celeron 900MHz, Fedora Core 2, ATI Rage Fury Pro (32MB AGP) video,
>512 SDRAM, 2x80GB IDE hard disks and
>Audigy soundcard (PCI)
>Will I get better latency in ardour if I'll upgrade my Audigy to M-Audio
>Do I get a better performance with M-Audio soundcard than with Audigy?
>(M-Audio has DSP, but I am not sure how it is related with performance)
>Or is it better to upgrade my old ATI videocard to Matrox SVGA G450FM DDR
>32Mb DH AGP?  (The price is the same as for the M-Audio soundcard.)
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