[ardour-users] gate swh-plugin

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Wed May 4 10:46:23 PDT 2005

"Oleg Ivanenko" <oai-ash at yandex.ru>:
> >What about it today, on this beautiful, sunny sunday afternoon? Isn'
> > it just about the right time for a refreshing update of liblrdf?
> > Tell me about the gate, I'm aching to know ,)
> >
> >Wolfgang
> Fuuhhh, Wolfgang...
> I mean "Good day, Wolfgang"... :)
> The case is that in Ukraine (as well as on most post-Soviet areas) we
> have TWO great holidays  simultaneously -- the Easter (orthodox) and
> the May Day. For this reason I had vodka and shashlik only. Not any
> computers, Linux and LADSPA plugins. All tracks was "life" -- to the
> acoustic guitar accompaniment only. :)

Hahaha, very good. Forget the gate, the ladspa gate that is. You will 
probably have to deal with the gates of hell right now 8)

> I will post results of my probing of Gate plugin a thought later.

Ok, don't rush anything now, be good. Wolfgang

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