[ardour-users] Track goes wild!....

michael garuda at wi.rr.com
Mon May 2 04:18:28 PDT 2005

Frode Haugsgjerd wrote:

>>I saw this on my box wich has a similar configuration. I had two tracks
>>that spiked, whith the desibel and cpu meters way above normal.
>>I made a backup of the project dir, and tried to save. This didn't work. As
>>both problem tracks was using the same plugin (10 band eq), i deleted the
>>plugins, and saved. I don't remember exactly what i did, but finaly after a
>>lot of crashing and killing it finally worked. 
>>I really need to remember to take notes.
>>The problem was not connected to an ardour upgrade, it happened after a
>>crash, ardour crashed when loading GVerb (swh-plugins    0.4.13-1).
Thanks for the tip.

I went into the songs, got rid of all the plugins, and the songs  played 
fine.   I then added in plugins (but not Gverb as that seemed to be the 
culprit....) and everything ran fine.

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