[ardour-users] No midi control !

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Tue Mar 29 06:55:28 PST 2005

 > On Tue, 29 Mar 2005 11:59:28 +0200
 > Matt at yahoo <matt_0pr at yahoo.fr> wrote:
 > > I have one big question and 2 little more.. If anyone could answer the
 > > first one, and perhaps the two others ?
 > > 
 > > 1 - How can I handle this ardour.rc file to make my midi controller
 > > (behringer bcf2000) work ? when i run ardour i've got a
 > > 
 > > midi port "seq" not available
You might need to make sure you've loaded the snd-seq module.

 > Note that at this point in time, the only thing that works is mapping
 > faders to faders.  In the very near future, you should also be able to map
 > the solo and mute buttons and panners to controllers as well.  There's a
 > few folks (like me) waiting patiently for Paul to get his laptop fixed so
 > he can test that part of the code!

Doh, mapping solo, mute and panners used to work.  Paul's laptop
is fixed, he just needs to be reminded.  Either that or i'll just
do it.


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