[ardour-users] No midi control !

Matt at yahoo matt_0pr at yahoo.fr
Tue Mar 29 01:59:28 PST 2005

I'm quite new in linux, i did discover ardour for 3 months, and i
plan to mix my next album (next winter) with it, using puredata in live
soon too... 
I have one big question and 2 little more.. If anyone could answer the
first one, and perhaps the two others ?

1 - How can I handle this ardour.rc file to make my midi controller
(behringer bcf2000) work ? when i run ardour i've got a

midi port "seq" not available

2 - why does my hdsp firmware load when i "modprobe snd-hdsp" ?

3 - what should have i compiled from alsa : driver, libs, utils, tools,
firmwares ? I'm using a mandrake 10.1, thac's rpm for the alsa-lib
(can't uninstall it), hdspmixer and kernel 2.6.10mm. all other things
have been compiled by me

A last one :-)

4 - Is mandrake a good distro to make linux-audio ? is there anything
better, easier, more efficient ?

RME multiface
Mandrake 10.1
kernel 2.6.10mm by thac's
alsa 1.0.8
jack 0.99
ardour 0.9beta28

It's my first mail there, and i'm french, so please excuse me for my
ignorance and my bad english ! Thanks

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