[ardour-users] Is Ardour Invented Yet?

Luc Tanguay lucus at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 25 20:01:43 PST 2005

You may find some answers at http://ardour.org/manual.

For example, Q3 is "Button2 drag -> fixed time move (for transfer to 
other tracks)"
See  http://ardour.org/manual/intro:mouse_and_keyboard


Mike Jewell a écrit :

> 2.8 GHz Pentium 4
> Linux Fedora Core 1
> Ardour 0.9beta28
> Planet CCRMA Audio environment
> Hi Ardourers,
> Well, I just spent an afternoon trying to work on a couple of tracks I 
> exported from Audacity.
> I learned alot.  But mostly I learned that (at least as far as I can 
> see) Ardour is a long way from being useable!  That said, I hope some 
> of you point out (in detail) how wrong I am!    8^)
> My only other experience is using Vegas Audio LE a while ago and 
> Audacity quite a bit recently.
> But, based on that, I just kept running into roadblocks, missing 
> features and bugs that make it a real challenge to keep going.  (I was 
> using it mainly for the education, not to get work done.)
> I'm hoping some or most of these are just because I don't know how to 
> run it:
> Here gos:
> 1) Is there a simple way to position the edit and playhead cursors 
> without dragging them from whereever they are?  I tried every 
> combination of Alt, Shift, Ctrl with mouse clicks, etc.
> 2) Is there an Undo history window so you don't have to go one step at 
> a time and be able to see where you're going?
> 3) When dragging a region (terminology?) vertically from one track to 
> another, can you lock it's horizontal position?
> 4) Is there a way to go back to the last zoom level?  This one drove 
> me crazy.
> 5) Is there an easy way to switch from latched soloing to unlatched?  
> Audacity uses Shift-Mouse1 to solo just that track and just Mouse1 to 
> add or subtract from the soloed tracks.  Very intuitive and fast.
> 6) I noticed the red Play Head line (and triangle) sometimes 
> dissappears.  Clicking "Play" makes it show up ok and start playing.  
> Just a bug, I guess.
> 7) Ardour crashed three or four times during the afternoon.
> 8) At the end, I tried to export the track I'd been working on as a 
> wav file.  Never would let me do it.  Error messages, etc.  (Sorry I 
> can't remember what they were.)
> 9) Several handy editing tools I use alot in Audacity seem to be 
> missing.  Like "silence a selection".  Maybe I'm just not seeing it.
> 10)Zooming seems very strange.  It would often zoom differently than I 
> would have expected.  And I was constantly getting burned by being in 
> the wrong mode:  Zoom, Range, Object, etc.  Maybe it's because I'm so 
> used to Audacity's U/I but Ardour just seems a lot less intuitive with 
> more mouse clicks, etc.
> Sorry for the long, somewhat critical, message.  Please don't get me 
> wrong.  I'm absolutely blown away by this amazing piece of software 
> that the talented developers have given to the world and I also 
> realize that it isn't even finished yet.  I'm mostly just giving 
> feedback (It's a gift, you know...  8^)   )   and hoping some of you 
> might have some suggestions and answers to make it all make a bit more 
> sense.  I really, really, want to be able to use it.
> But for the recording/editing I do, Audacity seems way more 
> intuitive.  I just wish it had the great cross-fade capability and 
> JACKosity of Ardour.   I don't want much...  Just the perfect tool.    
> 8^)
> One more:
> The Ardour web site says something to the effect that "Ardour is NOT 
> an audio editor".  What the heck does that mean?
> Hoping for enlightenment,
> utah
> Mike Jewell
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