[ardour-users] re-Is Ardour Invented Yet?

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Fri Mar 25 18:15:49 PST 2005

Mike, Ardour is generally pretty stable, but still issues remain. Here are 
some pointers :

1.- "p" key moves playhead "e" moves edit cursor
2.- no undo history yet...unlimited undo though
3.- not that I've found yet, would be good tho; anyone else know ?
4.- use the "-" and "+' to zoom in/out.
5.- go to windows>options editor>solo
6.- enable "follow PH" using toggle or use "f" key, or set it in options 
7.- yep, still happens sometimes. Ardour ? Alsa ? Jack ? Kernel ? HW ? stays 
up for me all day most days tho.
8.- Export works fine for me.
9.- ?
10.- If you are anything like me, you'll want to select Playhead as your zoom 
focus; look for it on the tool bar. That way, when you zoom in, you are doing 
so where you are currently placed on the time line.

I've had experience now with Planet CCRMA/RH9 & FC3 and Audioslack on 
Slackware 10. I've found Red Hat to be not so good as far as  performance  in 
a full-on studio situation, though it is very reliable. I get no x-runs at 
all (except when quitting programs) at very low latency on Slackware 10. 
Maybe some FC1 issues here ? Don't know really, it's just that performance an 
d therefore reliability is as much an issue with your distro and setup as 
ardour itself.
Ardour's not perfect, but what is in this game . I just love it.



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